paulina steć

paulina steć


Hi! I'm Paulina

I am trying my hand at a new world. Which, surprisingly, I already know a bit - sociology gave me a solid foundation about research (in which I immodestly say I'm pretty good). I worked as a graphic designer for 3 years, so I knew responsive grids already in 2014.
And so after 6 years of running my own company I am looking for an internship as a UX researcher/designer.
Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer.

To thank you, I provide photo session or a set of my amazing bad jokes.

bean drive

App ordering takeaway coffee at a drive thru points


First case study about neighbors app help communicate with other neighbors in emergency situation

research for transport app

5 hours assignment about transport app

articles in polish magazine

Co-creator of the 'ArtBorad 3' magazine and the creator of 3 articles

curriculum vitae