paulina steć

paulina steć



The neighbors app helps you communicate with other neighbors in emergency situation. The most important feature is to easy comunicate of each neighbor, which include a phone number or link to a social networking site.

Another function is to report current problems to the building manager.


The most important function of the application is quick access to each resident’s phone number. It sounds trivial, but think about it: if your neighbor floods you, do you have their phone number? If there is a fire in your block of flats, does anyone have your phone number if you are on vacation to inform you?



Architecture is not just about buildings, neighborhoods and cities. It is a way of creating social reality

The community and creation of its convenient living conditions lay at the basis of building housing estates as a new spatial form in the city. This form was to solve a number of problems that had accumulated in the process of urbanization and industrialization. These problems were mainly: anonymity and weakening social ties. Forgetting about the issue of community, we forget about the foundations on which the concept of a housing estate was built.

W. Mirowski, sociologist


1) Design a cohesive interface for familiar and unfamilar users

2) Take care about privacy of data

3) Make easy to communicate with building menager 

4) Make simple to find a number of neighborus in emergency situation

In the in-depth interviews, I wanted to find out whether this feature seemed necessary to people, whether they would like to see an application created for the entire community of the estate or block of flats with the following functions – reporting problems to the building administrator, garage exchange or shared chat.






In this project, I focused on previous research and literature on the problem.
Additionally, I took the first steps in figma using – components, widgets. I learned how to perform interactions and mockups.

It was also important for me to get familiar with Design System. For this I used Material Design and an additional plug-in – Material Theme Bulider.